Do you want Dr. Jose Luis Mompell to connect live with you and review your case personally?

An ORAL SURGEON expert in Maxillary Skeletal Expansion at the service of your patients

Dr. Mompell will be happy to assist you personally if you need advice in any phase of the process, from planning to installation, going through the correct activation protocol for your patient, as well as recommendations on the different surgeries that exist.

♦ In the session you will be able to connect with your surgeon or orthodontist in order to make the best decision regarding your patient.

In each session Dr. Mompell will connect with you at the day and time that you have previously selected. He will review the case previously if you provide the case reference for better discussing it with you.

To optimize your time, you can email us prior to the session, with any doubt you may have regarding the case that we are going to analyze, so that he can help you better from minute one.

During the session Dr. Mompell will explain everything about your DMSE and will share with you his expericiences. You should prepare the case presentation sent by the planning center to optimize time, remember time is gold ! Sessions are usually approximately 1 hour.

  During these sessions you can also plan directly with Dr. Mompell the possibility of attending his clinic to place a DMSE and perform the surgeries associated with DMSE, such as corticopuncture, apply the Piezoelectric Osteotomy Technique of the Medial Palatine Suture (VOAM technique) or the placement of anteroinferior miniplates for the anterior protraction of the maxilla.  ASK HIM ABOUT THIS OPTION DURING THE SESSION


Yes, I want to book my 1: 1 strategy session with DR. JOSE LUIS MOMPELL

1 SESSION: 497€