Do you want Dr. Luis Jimenez to connect live with you and review your case personally?

An ENT expert in maxillary skeletal expansion at the service of your patients

Dr. Jiménez will be happy to assist you personally if you need advice at any stage of the process in terms of airways.

♦ If you become a VIP Member, remember that you will have included a static airways study and a computational fluid dynamics study to know how your patient breathes!

♦ In each session, Dr. Jímenez will connect with you at the time and day you have selected. He will have reviewed the case beforehand if you provide us with the case reference.

To optimize your time, you can email us prior to the session, with any doubt you may have regarding the case that we are going to analyze, so that he can help you better from minute one.

♦ During the session, Dr. Jiménez will explain everything related to your patient and will advise you. Placement is essential due to its relationship with nasal turbinates and nasal septum. Have the case planning presentation sent by the planning center ready to optimize time again. Sessions are usually about 1 hour.

  During these sessions you can also plan directly with Dr. Jimenez the possibility of attending his clinic to carry out and learn to interpret sleep studies. ASK HIM ABOUT THIS OPTION DURING THE SESSION !!!

Yes, I want to book my 1: 1 strategy session with DR. LUIS JIMENEZ (ORL)

1 SESSION: 497€