Laboratories with extense digital experience


All laboratories certified to produce the DMSE have been previously trained by the Digital MARPE Association and are experts in 3D digital printing, structure sintering and laser welding. These three techniques are essential for the correct manufacture of the DMSE

Exclusives / Certificated

The laboratories are certified by the Digital MARPE Association. In this way, it is guaranteed that all laboratories manufacture the DMSE officially and know the DMSE elaboration process guaranteeing clinical success.


Once the doctor approves the planning that has been design by the Digital Planning Center, they send the design for its manufacture to the corresponding laboratory. The lab will reproduce with sharp precision the approved design.


The action protocol is identical in all certified laboratories, in order to ensure reproducibility and to guarantee the quality of all DMSE fabricated worldwide.


Since the laboratory receives the digital design, it takes 48-72 to finish manufacturing and send it to the doctor’s clinic.


The laboratories are under an exhaustive quality control by the Digital MARPE Association, in charge of the quality is always optimal and the work is carried out meticulously.

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